Arkansas Tax Regulations for Precious Metals

Arkansas Sales Tax for Precious Metals

Published: April 23, 2020

As defined in Arkansas state code, bullion, precious metals coins, rare coins, and rare paper money are all tangible personal property, and are all taxable.

Therefore, ALL items sold by Gainesville Coins are subject to state sales tax when shipped to an Arkansas address:

Our Streamlined Sales & Use Tax number is 65169326-SLS.

Advisory from Arkansas Dept. of Revenue

Rare coins, rare paper money, precious metals coins and bars are taxable in the State of Arkansas.

Coins and paper United States currency are tangible personal property and are taxable pursuant to the Arkansas gross receipts act. Arkansas law does not provide a tax exemption for the sale of United States currency, bullion, or precious metals.

The sale of United States currency for face value or less is considered a currency exchange and is not a taxable sale for Arkansas gross receipts tax purposes. However, the sale of United States currency for more than face value is considered a sale of tangible personal property and is a taxable sale pursuant to Arkansas law. Bullion and precious metals are considered tangible personal property and the sale of any of these items would be considered a taxable sale.

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