Wyoming Tax Regulations for Precious Metals

As defined in W.S. 39-15-101(a)(xxxi)(A), the following bullion and numismatic items are EXEMPT from sales tax when shipped by Gainesville Coins to a Wyoming address:


  1. Paper currency;

  2. Gold and silver and other coin;

  3. Gold and silver specie (coins, or refined gold or silver bullion that has been coined, stamped, and imprinted with purity and weight, sold according to its precious metal content and not form;

  4. Gold and silver specie legal tender (gold or silver coins issued by the U.S. or a foreign nation at any time as legal tender).

All other bullion or numismatic items and accessories sold by Gainesville Coins (including bullion bars) are subject to Wyoming state sales tax.

Note that uncoined bullion is considered tangible personal property under Wyoming law and is therefore subject to sales tax.

Our Sales/Use Tax License Number is 24034206. Effective 04/22/2019.

Wyoming Tax Code - Sales Tax Exemptions For Precious Metals

W.S. 39-15-101(a)(xxxi)
"Intangible personal property" includes:

(A) Money and cash on hand including currency, gold, silver and other coin, specie and specie legal tender as provided in W.S. 9-4-1304, bank drafts, certified checks and cashier's checks;
(B) Money on deposit;
(C) Accounts receivable and other credits;
(D) Bonds, promissory notes, debentures and other evidences of debt;
(E) Shares of stock or other written evidence of ownership;
(F) Judgments for the payment of money;
(G) Annuities and annuity contracts

W.S. 9-4-1302 Definitions.
(a) As used in this article:

(i) "Legal tender" means a recognized medium of exchange for the payment of debts and taxes;
(ii) "Specie" means:

(A) Coin having gold or silver content; or
(B) Refined gold or silver bullion which is coined, stamped or imprinted with its weight and purity and valued primarily based on its metal content and not its form.

W.S. 9-4-1303
(a) Specie legal tender in Wyoming shall consist of:

(i) Specie coin issued by the United States government at any time;
(ii) Specie coin issued by any foreign government at any time;
(iii) Any other specie that a federal court of competent jurisdiction, by final and unappealable order, rules to be within state authority to make or designate as legal tender. No court of the state of Wyoming shall be deemed to be a court of competent jurisdiction for purposes of this paragraph.

W.S. 9-4-1304
(a) No specie or specie legal tender shall be characterized as personal property for the purposes of property taxation.
(b) The exchange of one (1) type or form of legal tender for another type or form of legal tender shall not give rise to any tax liability of any kind.
(c) The purchase, sale or exchange of any type or form of specie or specie legal tender shall not give rise to any tax liability of any kind.

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