As defined in the 2023 Wis. Act 149, sec. 77.54(74), all items containing at least 35% precious metal content that are minted by a government authority or are marked with their weight, purity, and content are exempt from state sales tax when shipped by Gainesville Coins to a Wisconsin address.

Our Tax Account Number is 456-1029698672-02. Seller's Permit effective 10/01/2018.

Wisconsin Tax Code - Sales Tax Exemption for Precious Metal Bullion

8. Exemption Created for Precious Metal Bullion

(2023 Wis. Act 149, create sec. 77.54(74), effective March 23, 2024)

The Act creates a sales and use tax exemption for the sale of and the use or other consumption of precious metal bullion.

The Act defines "precious metal bullion" to mean coins, bars, rounds, or sheets that contain at least 35% gold, silver, copper, platinum, or palladium and that are marked with weight, purity, and content or that a government authority minted on the basis of weight, purity, and content.

The exemption does not apply to other tangible personal property that contains, in whole or in part, precious metal bullion, such as jewelry, works of art, scrap metal, or electronics.

To claim the exemption, purchasers should provide its vendors with one of the following fully completed Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificates for purchases on or after March 23, 2024:

  • Form S-211, Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate: Check the box for "other exemptions provided by law" and enter "Precious Metal Bullion."
  • S-211E, Electronic Wisconsin Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certificate: Check the box for "Precious Metal Bullion."
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